"Lipetsk Top Guns" - The Aircraft of the Russian Air Force's elite 4. TsBP i PLS

Product code: 72014

Product information

This special decal set and booklet package enables you to model a variety of aircraft belonging to this elite unit.

Here is a full list of marking options in the set:
Su-27SM; Red 02
Su-25T; Red 85
Su-25; Red 73
MiG-29 9-13; Red 29
MiG-29 9-13; Red 32
MiG-29 9-13 Red 30
MiG-29UB; Red 37
Su-27UB; Red 61
Su-27UB; Red 16
Su-27 UB; Red 17 ‘Air Force One’
Su-27S; Red 08 ‘Lipetsk Shark’
Su-27S; Red 01
Bonus options:
MiG-29 Red 03, Unknown Regiment, VVS of Kazakhstan, May 2003.
MiG-29UB Red 24, Unknown Regiment, VVS of Kazakhstan, May 2003.
Su-27S Yellow 05, 604th Air Base, VVS of Kazakhstan, Taldyqorgan AB, Kazakhstan, March 2006.

Technical specifications

Product Code 72014