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Attack-O-Meter Attack-O-Meter Attack-O-Meter Attack-O-Meter
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​​​​​​​Knowing the exact angle of attack of rudder winglets is crucial to optimising the performance of a high end sailracing catamaran, even more so now that the boats are regularly getting up on hydrofoils.

The Attack-O-Meter is a smartphone holder which allows the user to accurately measure the angle of attack of rudder winglets as fitted to full-sized high-performance sailboat rudders, such as on the 'A' Class Catamaran.

From a design by Danish 'A' class ace Thomas Paasch and made by British 'A' Cat sailor Gordon Upton, it utilises a free angle measuring app, such as iHandy Level. The holder is simply held against the transom or part of the hull used as a vertical datum. After the app is centred, the Attack-O Meter is then slipped over a rudder winglet. The winglet angle is then shown on the smartphone! 

The device can be adjusted to suit various smartphones and can be used on winglets up to 90mm in chord.


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