'Ne Omega' - is Russian understatement for 'not the last!' 

Started in Moscow by a former wielder Alexei Russiyan, NeOmega rapidly gained a reputation for quality and detail using casting techniques that are still being refined today.  The very latest product masters are being produced utilising computer 3D modelling techniques and printing 

The philosophy of quality being more important than quantity results in these items are amongst the best, most accurate  and finest detailed accessories on the market today, plus they represent exceptional value for money. 

Our Cockpit sets are designed to fit with little or no modification to the designated kit - unlike some other company's sets...ours actually do fit!

Our Ejector seat range covers all Soviet and many Western aircraft, and are, in some cases, available in 1/72nd and 1/48th scales.  Check out our Martin-Baker datasheet for the correct seat (if fitted)

Several years ago, we also started to distribute the Vector Resin 
range.  Again, sculpted in Moscow, these were taken on as they were of an equal quality to what we were used to and their range of 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd resin engines and later, detail sets and kit improvement sets fits in nicely alongside NeOmega ranges.


Parade figures, NeOmega's business partner, was started in the UK in 1988 by Gordon Upton, a  Professional Modelmaker.  Originally trading in figurines, the NeOmega sales rapidly outstripped the figure sales, so it was decided to drop figures to concentrate on NeOmega and other allied products.   Only the name now remains!

We now produce NeOmega in the UK for export and have added the NeOmega UK brand producing a different range of kits, including a new ship range.