1/144th scale Fairmile 'D' MTB, 1944

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1/144th scale resin and etch brass kit of the iconic WWII Royal Navy Fairmile 'D' Motor Torpedo Boat.

Product information

A 1/144th scale resin, 3d printed and etch metal kit of the most heavily armed small vessel in WWII.  The Fairmile 'D', or Dogboat as it was lovingly known, was the nearest boat the allied had to the German E-Boat.  Although still 10 knots slower, the Dogboat was considerably more heavily armed, with up to 4 torpedo tubes, 6lb QF gun, twin 20mm Oelikon AA gun, twin Vickers 0.5" guns in two powered turrets, rockets, depth-charges, and twin Vickers .303 guns, giving it formidable broadside firepower, capable of subduing much larger targets.  It served with distinction with the RN, Canadian, Norwegian, Australian and New Zealand forces thoughout the war. 

The kit includes over 135 resin and 3d printed parts, a full etch brass sheet, decals, a Micromaster brass mast and illustrated instruction booklet.

Spec;  Length - 244mm,  Width - 45mm,  Scale 1/144th

Technical specifications

Product Code NUK 12