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Here you will find our resin accessory and kit ranges;  NeOmega are renown for well fitting cockpit sets and kits.  All are made in the UK and have been since 2012.   Vector Resin are well known for their superb resin radial engine, and accurate replacement parts.  NeOmega UK is a new kit range of differing subjects, from our Iconic Boats working ship range,  a Trans-Antarctic tractor, and shipboard catapult displays.  

Please explore our site and enjoy! 

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Latest Arrivals

  • 1/144th Scale HDML, 1942

    1/144th Scale HDML, 1942

    1/144th scale kit features a resin hull, 3D printed cabin and fittings, etch metal parts and fully illustrated instruction booklet.
    Out of stock
  • 1/350th Scale Director Class Paddle Tug

    1/350th Scale Director Class Paddle Tug

    1/350th scale resin kit of the 1950's Royal Navy heavy ocean going paddle tug. These vessels were designed to manoeuvre the new large carriers the Royal Navy built following WWII.  They needed to be able to operate underneath the large deck overhangs, so needed a low profile, whilst having the power to pull such vessels.  Their twin paddles allowed them a high degree of control, akin to a tank, and they were only retired when tugs arrived requiring fewer crew members.  The last one was retired in 1992.

    The kit features resin hull with 3d printed parts, etch metal parts and a full illustrated instruction booklet.